Sword Dance Links

Here are some helpful resources for sword dancing:

The Sword Dance Union promotes the development of English sword dance teams and their dancing by providing a valuable resource of practical and personal advice and archive material. It also runs events and competitions in the UK

Rapper Online is dedicated to documenting the history, dance, and current state of rapper. It has great resources ranging from historical documentation to a current listing of active rapper sword teams. It also contains a “related dances” section, with good information on continental longsword.

The Nut Online is the website of The NUT, a non-profit rapper sword dance magazine. It provides information on rapper events ranging from competitions to gossip. It also publishes great articles on the history and development of rapper and is a great resource  and insight into rapper dancing culture and tradition.

Frank Lee Rapper Swords Frank is one of the only people still making the swords for rapper sword dance. Everything is made by hand and he produces beautiful swords!